Another Way of Thinking toward Difficult Engineering and Science Concepts

The 5th Conference on Creative Education(CCE 2015)——Research shows that student learning is enhanced when difficult science and engineering materials are presented at the molecular level and explained as emergent scientific processes. Emergent processes have system attributionsor properties that result from its constituentelements interacting in a randomand collective pattern. Emergent processes are often confused with non-emergent processes that are called sequential processes. Sequential processes have system attributions or properties that result from its constituent elements interacting in a dependent and logically related pattern.

关键词: 工程科学 数据库建设 分子水平 突现过程 顺序进程

主讲人:A.P. Dazhi Yang 机构:Boise State University

时长:0:19:18 年代:2015年