Research on China and the US Service Trade Structures Based on Technical Value Added

The 8th International Conference on Management and Service Science (MASS 2014)——China and the United States have been important partners in service trade. Much research has been done on the traditional indexes which reflect the two countries’ service trade structure, indicating that technology is playing an increasingly significant role in international trade. We use a new index of technical value added to analyze the service trade structure of the two countries. As a result, we can calculate tradable technical value added based on the Technical Value Added theory. We also introduce the method to calculate and measure the service trades category according to the classification of the International Trade Center in China and the US. Finally we figure out the structures of the service trade in both countries as well as some proposals to better the structure.

关键词: 中国 美国 服务贸易结构 技术附加值 国际贸易

主讲人:Prof. Xinying Liu 机构:Shandong University of Finance and Economics

时长:0:07:10 年代:2014年