Evaluating Online Shopping Service Quality-SERVEGAL in Taiwan Tourism Industry

The 8th International Conference on Management and Service Science (MASS 2014)——While SERVQUAL is the most extensively used measurements of service quality among industries nowadays and its five-dimension measured factors are investigated with respect to the customers’ reaction, E-SERVQUAL thus is developed amid traditional service industries to cop with the internet markets. Both two models use measured data based upon after purchased instead of pre-purchased which is considered as the main concern for service quality. Taking Magal’s instrument into account, which indicates three dimensions that possess the function of customers’ comments, customers’ demand and service planning to measure the service quality, we propose the SERVEGAL model to include customers’ recognition on service quality pre-purchasing. And a case study in tourism industry is applied to verify our proposal. The result of this study shows that SERVEGAL is not merely a service planning provider, but also a tool to accommodate with the customers’ expectation for service quality.

关键词: 网上购物 服务质量 台湾旅游业 SERVEGAL模型 The 8th International Conference on Management and Service Science (MASS 2014)

主讲人:A.P. Meiling Wong 机构:Chinyi University of Technology, Taiwan, China

时长:0:11:17 年代:2014年