Study on Taiwanese Businessmen's Investment Strategy upon Economic Development Strategy of China

The 8th International Conference on Management and Service Science (MASS 2014)——Since the reform and liberation of China in 1978, upon the principle of “wealth first” and development strategy, the country has obtained rich outcomes from implementation in coastal trial cities to liberation of coastal areas. However, due to geographic conditions and concentrated investment in coastal areas, the gap increases with the inland. In order to fulfill long-term objective of “harmonious society” and increased incomes in villages, China actively expanded economic development effect from eastern China to western, central and northeastern China. Nevertheless, the effect is partial instead of significant. Upon the economic development strategy, Taiwanese businessmen develops extremely flexible investment model. In addition, investment in Taiwan from China which gradually changes from country being invested to country of investment will be another issue encountered by Taiwanese businessmen.

关键词: 台商 投资策略 和谐社会 经济发展战略 The 8th International Conference on Management and Service Science (MASS 2014)

主讲人:A.P. Hsiung-shen Jung 机构:Department of Applied Japanese,Aletheia University,Taiwan

时长:0:10:52 年代:2014年