Banter:An Alternative Strategy in Creating a Second Generation Learning Community

2014 Conference on Creative Education (CCE 2014)——In this qualitative study we investigated the role of bantering in creating a learning community for science education. The curriculum was centered on a technology-integrated Project Based Approach (PBA). We examined the pattern of in-service teachers’ interaction with such a learning environment and perceptions of their future instructional practices that result from collaborative reflection on the use of Banter throughout the semester. The findings suggest that exposure to bantering interaction not only helped the in-service teachers to make decisions about the scientific issues they will face in the future but also helped to construct a more inquiry based understanding of the issues in science teaching. Methodological limits and possibilities were explored through the use of data analysis software such as Inspiration and NVivo.

关键词: 学习型社区 科普教育 学习环境 教学实践 科学教学 2014 Conference on Creative Education (CCE 2014)

主讲人:A.P. Sumita Bhattacharyya 机构:Nicholls State University

时长:0:22:16 年代:2014年