Applying the BaGua to revitalize the creative problem solving process(2)

2014 Conference on Creative Education (CCE 2014)——Ancient Chinese wisdom has had a significant cultural impact, especially the philosophical system known as I-Ching. The BaGua (eight trigrams) provide a systematic method for creative problem solving that can be followed in both daily and professional life. The application of the BaGua to creative problem solving (CPS) processes could be used to construct a problem-solving model. Is the empirical example of GreenMech contest, participants have to complete the target job without scientific problems during the contest. According to the result, the CPS process has been separated in five stages, sensitivity to problem occurrence,mental activation, idea generation, idea transformation, and idea consensus (agreeing ona solution). The CPS process which based on BaGuacan be the sample of how to enhance the effectiveness of problem solving especially in high-pressure contests.

关键词: 八卦 易经 创造性问题解决 哲学体系 精神激活

主讲人:Prof. Jon-Chao Hong 机构:Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan, China

时长:0:15:56 年代:2014年