Teaching for creativity:Examining the beliefs of Hong Kong preschool teachers and their influence on teachers' pedagogical practice

2014 Conference on Creative Education (CCE 2014)——The study aimed to examine the relationship between Hong Kong preschool teachers’ beliefs about good creative practices and their actual pedagogical practices. The participants were 15 preschool teachers from five preschool settings in Hong Kong. Individual semi-structured interviews were used to investigate teachers’ beliefs on the characteristics of a creative teacher, the environmental settings important for developing creativity, the kinds of teaching strategies best for developing creativity in children, and the best criteria for judging creativity in children.

关键词: 香港 幼儿教师 创意教学 科学教学 教学实践 2014 Conference on Creative Education (CCE 2014)

主讲人:Cheung Hun-Ping,Rebecca 机构:Hong Kong institute of Education

时长:0:24:34 年代:2014年