A Professional Development Program for Facilitating the Ability of Creative Math Problem Solving for the Gifted Students

2014 Conference on Creative Education (CCE 2014)——Most teachers teaching in gifted program at elementary school level graduated from special education program, instead of from math or math education program. Therefore, math teaching for the gifted students at the elementary school is a challenging task for these teachers. Consequently, the professional development for those in-service teachers is a key work for developing math teaching competence. The authors adopted cooperative action research with two teachers of gifted students to develop a professional development program to assist them to teach math with more competent. In order to enhance the teachers’ math teaching competence, three strategies was used.In order to advance students’ learning effect, three strategies of math teaching were adopted.

关键词: 资优学生 专业人员培养计划 数学教学 教学实践

主讲人:Prof. Shiangtung Liu 机构:Chiayi University, Taiwan, China

时长:0:14:28 年代:2014年