High-selectively catalytic conversion of lignin-based cresols into xylene with methanol over Pt/HZSM-5

第二届国际生物质催化炼制大会(CATBIOR 2013)——Under the experimental conditions,co-feeding m-cresol with methanal can highly improve the xylene yield in the products. For the HDO of m-cresol,the conversion and deoxygenation degree were higher over Ni/HZSM-5 than that over Pt/HZSM-5. Compared with the results of mcresol HDO,the addition of methanol led to the xylene,polyalkylated benzene,xylenol,and polyalkylated phenol yields increasing,while the yields of benzene,toluene,and o-cresol reducing,and producing 3-methylanisole on Pt/HZSM-5. Similar results were obtained over Ni/HZSM-5.

关键词: 多烷基化苯 二甲苯酚 木质素 第二届国际生物质催化炼制大会(CATBIOR 2013)

主讲人:Jinhua Guo 机构:Tianjin University, China

时长:0:20:11 年代:2013年