Aerobic Oxidation Catalysis of Lignin Models and Extracts to Aromatic Chemicals

第二届国际生物质催化炼制大会(CATBIOR 2013)——Oxovanadium catalysts with base oxidize alcohol then cleave C-C bonds in resulting ketones;they also achieve unprecedented depolymerization of real lignin extracts. Using GPC and 2D NMR to assess degree and selectivity of depolymerization and UPLC to quantify yields of primary products from both Kraft and organosolv lignins.

关键词: 木质素 二维核磁共振 有机溶剂 芳香族化学品 第二届国际生物质催化炼制大会(CATBIOR 2013)

主讲人:R. Tom Bake 机构:Technical University of Denmark, Denmark

时长:0:21:00 年代:2013年