Hydrogenolysis of lignin and lignosulfonate over nickel-based catalysts

第二届国际生物质催化炼制大会(CATBIOR 2013)——Selective hydrogenolysis conversion of C-O-C bonds of lignin model compounds,birch sawdust and lignosulfonate over Ni/C catalyst was achieved to produce phenols with high yields. Heterogeneous catalytic conversion of solid lignin in alcohols proceed via a solvolysis hydrogenolysis mechanism.

关键词: 木质素 木素磺酸盐 催化醇 镍基催化剂 氢解 第二届国际生物质催化炼制大会(CATBIOR 2013)

主讲人:Feng Wang 机构:Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, CAS, China

时长:0:21:04 年代:2013年