Main catalytic challenges in the bioethanol integrated biorefinery(3)

第二届国际生物质催化炼制大会(CATBIOR 2013)——The concept of integrated biorefinery implies the utilisation of residues. The implementation of such concept to an ethanol producing facility implies the transformation of residues such as CO2 cellulose,hemicellulose and lignin. New chemical routes must be developed in order to add value to these residues. New catalytic systems are required to face this damand. Fortunately, a great number of catalytic solutions for the upgrade of biomass residues has already been found.

关键词: 集成生物炼制 乙醇 纤维素 半纤维素 木质素 生物质残留物 第二届国际生物质催化炼制大会(CATBIOR 2013)

主讲人:国际催化理事会副主席;巴西石油研究中心主任 Eduardo Falabella 机构:Petrobras Research Centre / Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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