Impact of Flood Disasters on Macro-Economy Based on the Harrod-Domar Model

2015 International Conference on Water Resource and Environment(WRE2015)——The Harrod–Domar model is an early post-Keynesian model of economic growth. It is used in development economics to explain an economy's growth rate in terms of the level of saving and productivity of capital. It suggests that there is no natural reason for an economy to have balanced growth. The model was developed independently by Roy F. Harrod in 1939, and Evsey Domar in 1946, although a similar model had been proposed by Gustav Cassel in 1924. The Harrod–Domar model was the precursor to the exogenous growth model.

关键词: flood disaster'macro-economy;Harrod-Domar Model;economic growth 2015 International Conference on Water Resource and Envi

主讲人:Xiaoyu Xu 机构:Xi'an University of Technology

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