Using Text Mining to Evaluate the Integrative and Adaptive Elements of Water Resource Institutions for Songkhla Lake Basin, Thailand

2015 International Conference on Water Resource and Environment(WRE2015)——The study was based on the use of text mining to evaluate the integrative and adaptive elements of water resources for related and relevant institutions in the Songkhla Lake Basin, Thailand. The results were able to show some very interesting patterns like being able to determine the basic statistics of the sets of institutions under review including the degree of fragmentation and gaps, institutional priorities and their capacity to support the element of integrative and adaptive resource management.

关键词: text mining;water resource Institution;Thailand;resource management 2015 International Conference on Water Resource and

主讲人:Dr. Peter Emmanuel Cookey 机构:Prince of Songkia University

时长:0:08:12 年代:2015年