Challenges in Learning Law: From Business Students' Perspective(2)

The 5th Conference on Creative Education(CCE 2015)——Learning law is beneficial to business students and their potential employers. Research studies reveal that business graduates possessing legal knowledge will help managing business risks, en-hancing business graduates’ abilities in making business decision and staying away from involving in legal disputes. However, business students often find challenges in studying law and thus hes-itate in choosing business law astheir elective subject, particularly at the sub-degreelevel.

关键词: 法律学习 商科学生 学习负担 法律词汇表 多媒体 The 5th Conference on Creative Education(CCE 2015)

主讲人:Dr. Jandia K.L. Poon 机构:Hong Kong Community College

时长:0:14:32 年代:2015年