Standard Model Physics and Beyond with Eta Meson Decays

The 4th Spring World Congress on Engineering and Technology (SCET 2015)——Commissioning of the Gluex detector in Hall D at Jefferson Lab in Newport News, Virginia, USA,is in progress. Although the main mission of GlueX is to use a linearly polarized, 9 GeV photon beam to search for 2-2.5 GeV/c2 mesons with the exotic quantum numbers indicative of gluonic hybrids, it is also a factory for light mesons. The eta(548) is of particular interest as it provides a laboratory to study isospin violation and search for new flavor-conserving sources of C and CP violation.

关键词: 介子衰变 超出标准模型 光子束 同位旋违反现象

主讲人:Prof. David Mack 机构:Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility

时长:0:19:50 年代:2015年