Production of Noval Turkish Delight (Lokum) with Fruit Syrups(1)

The 4th Spring World Congress on Engineering and Technology (SCET 2015)——Sweets have always been an important component of the Turkish cuisine. The origin of Turkish delight (lokum) dates back to the time of the Ottoman. The beginning of the production of lokum is estimated to be in the 14th and 15th centuries, and its production had reached today’s form in the 19th century. Sour cherry is high in phenolic substances and anthocyanin compounds, which are important for human health.

关键词: 土耳其软糖 果汁糖浆 生产工艺 酚类物质

主讲人:Prof. Ali Batu 机构:Mevlana University, Food Engineering Department, Konya, Turkey

时长:0:16:08 年代:2015年