Most Recent Status of Probabilistic Evolution Theory (PET) for Initial Value Problems of Explicit ODEs(1)

The 4th Spring World Congress on Engineering and Technology (SCET 2015)——ODEs (Ordinary Differential Equations) are frequently used in many scientific and engineering problems arising in the modelling of practically encountered systems. The dynamic systems can be given as an example which finds a broad application area in this direction. The Probabilistic Evolution Theory (PET) has been developed basically in the last half decade through the studies of the Demiralp group (Group for Science and Methods of Computing). This theory constructs a denumerably infinite number of ODEs over the system vector’s (the vector composed of the unknown functions of the considered ODEs set) Kronecker powers.

关键词: 常微分方程 初始值问题 概率演化理论 实验现状

主讲人:Prof. Metin Demiralp 机构:Informatics Institute, Istanbul Technical University, Istanbul, Turkiye

时长:0:16:01 年代:2015年