What happens when you put your mind into it: Research on mindfulness

2014 Conference on Psychology and Social Harmony (CPSH 2014)——In recent years, mindfulness has gradually become a mainstream research topic in psychology and neuroscience. In this presentation, I will review two major lines of mindfulness research, referred to by Hart and colleagues as the creative mindfulness and meditative mindfulness. Despite the fact that self-regulated attention towards the present moment is the core of both types of mindfulness, they have come from different traditions: Creative mindfulness, mainly from the West, emphasizes an active and novel engagement with external stimuli whereas meditative mindfulness, influenced by Buddhism and typically through meditation, attempts to cultivate a higher-level metacognitive awareness of both our thoughts and the external environment.

关键词: 创意正念 冥想正念 正念干预 2014 Conference on Psychology and Social Harmony (CPSH 2014)

主讲人:A.P. Jing Chen 机构:Psychology, Grand Valley State University, USA

时长:0:23:42 年代:2014年