Can Political Orientations Be perceived from Faces(1)

2014 Conference on Psychology and Social Harmony (CPSH 2014)——I attempt to understand what perceptual heuristics are used for judging political identities from faces. This question was explored in a study which measured eight perceived facial features that are either about emotional expressions or related to personalities in addition to the perceived political affiliation of the target faces. Participants were also assessed on their political leaning and political knowledge. There are two major conclusions emerging from the analysis. First, the perception of democrat vs. republican faces is mainly driven by two factors----the affect factor, or how emotionally positive a face appears to be, and power factor, or how dominant and mature a face appears to be.

关键词: 政治倾向 政治身份 情绪 面部特征 情感表达 2014 Conference on Psychology and Social Harmony (CPSH 2014)

主讲人:A.P. Leon Lou 机构:Grand Valley State University

时长:0:11:12 年代:2014年