Representation of "I-Stranger" Interaction as a Communication Risks Predictor

2014 Conference on Psychology and Social Harmony (CPSH 2014)——The talk contains a theoretical study of the personal representation of “I-Stranger” interaction. The differentiation of the native-strange and close/ours-alien dichotomies is suggested. The empirical study (N=100) which highlighted the ambivalent nature of personal representation of “I-Stranger” interaction, its ambiguity and variability has been conducted. The prospects of representation of “I-Stranger” interaction studying in modern multicultural world are stated. The applied aspect of the stated problem can be implemented in the training programs on the personality intercultural sensitivity development.

关键词: 互动 沟通风险预测 文化敏感度 2014 Conference on Psychology and Social Harmony (CPSH 2014)

主讲人:Prof. Elena Ryaguzova 机构:Saratov State University

时长:0:11:31 年代:2014年