Cancelation of vernalization requirements and promotion of early flowering in wheat by chromosome addition from a wild relative, Leymus racemosus

第十一届国际旱地发展会议——The early flowering observed in the two addition lines and the substitution line resulted from eliminating the vernalization requirement by the presence of insetion at Vrn-A1 loci,which might be Vrn-41a or new allele.Identification of this allele will contribute to breeding cultivars for specific environments and to the development of spring populations that lack a vernalization requirement.Molecular characterization of the insertion detected in this study may also explain the evolution of the Vrn spring alleles from the winter ones.

关键词: 春化要求 气候变化 初花期 第十一届国际旱地发展会议

主讲人:Yasir Serag Alnor Mohammed 机构:Tottori University

时长:0:13:44 年代:2013年