Climate change and land degradation assessment in Horqin Sandy Land based on DPSIR framework at a local level

第十一届国际旱地发展会议——The Ulan'aodu study area showed a slight degradation in short term(1998-2008),but a severe LD in long term.The long term drives and pressures of LD come from climate change(raising temperature and drought)and human activities.But the short term drives or pressures of LD come from socio-economic factors,namely the increasing population,especially the desire to improve people's living standard,which led to over grazing,over-reclamation and more disturbance on original vulnerable environments in Horqin Sandy Land.

关键词: 气候变化 地下水 土地退化 第十一届国际旱地发展会议

主讲人:Professor Xuehua Li

时长:0:19:10 年代:2013年