A Combined Chirp Signal Time-Synchronization Scheme for mobile Underwater Sensor Networks(1)

第九届中国传感器网络学术会议(CWSN2015)——This article puts forward a combined chirp signal time synchronization( CCS-Sync) algorithm.In the physical layer,it uses a preamble structure combined with chirp signals to estimate the Doppler scaling factor. Furthermore,the author proposes a message exchange mechanism composed of two phases. In the phase of coarse synchronization,the reference node broadcasts messages to synchronize the ordinary nodes. Based on the first phase,it uses twice linear regression method to estimate the clock skew and offset. With this algorithm,it successfully uses the effect of Doppler between mobility nodes to reduce the synchronization error. The effectiveness of CCS-Sync is validated by the simulation.

关键词: chirp signal;time synchronization;node mobility

主讲人:Changli Fang 机构:Shanghai University

时长:0:11:55 年代:2015年