Effects of Ca Content on Formation and Photoluminescence Properties of CaAISiN3:Eu2+ Phosphor by Combustion Synthesis(1)

第二届海峡两岸功能材料科技与产业峰会(2015)——Effects of Ca content on the formation and the photoluminescence properties of CaAlSiN3:Eu2+ phosphor (CASIN) were investigated by a combustion synthesis method. Ca, Al, Si, Eu2O3, NaN3, NH4Cl and Si3N4 powders were used as the starting materials and they were mixed and pressed into a compact which was then wrapped up with an igniting agent.

关键词: Ca content;combustion synthesis;photoluminescence property 第二届海峡两岸功能材料科技与产业峰会(2015)

主讲人:Prof. Shyan-Lung Chung 机构:Cheng Kung University, Taiwan, China

时长:0:13:17 年代:2015年