Progress on Carboxyl-functionalized Poly(arylene ether nitrile)s and Their Functional Composites(1)

2016中国国际功能材料大会(CIFM 2016)——A series of novel carboxyl-functionalized poly(arylene ether nitrile)s (CPAENs) were synthesized via nucleophilic substitution polycondensation reactions of 2,6-dichlorobenzonitrile with carboxyl-functionalized phenolphthalin and diphenol compounds, using N-methyl-2-pyrrolidone (NMP) as solvent in the presence of anhydrous potassium carbonate.

关键词: composite;CPAENs;mechanical property 2016中国国际功能材料大会(CIFM 2016)

主讲人:A.P. Hailong Tang 机构:Chongqing University of Technology, China

时长:0:13:55 年代:2016年