The Role of Multidisciolinary Teams:A Focus on Communicating Bad News(2)

The 11th ENGII Conference(Workshop11 2014)——Communication is one of the key processes of being human, furthermore, being a good communicator can help with building good quality relationships between people. Communication may be used to construct a mental image of individuals. The paper focuses on the research and results of a study concerned with the quality of communication between parents and doctors. From the findings of the study, quality communication can be used in the rapeutic intervention and practice, when bad news has to be conveyed by medical practitioners to clients and/or patients. The target group for the research was parents of children with hearing impairment. The authors present results pointing to a possible remedy of the issue of communicating bad news.

关键词: 沟通 听觉障碍 家长 医患交流 The 11th ENGII Conference(Workshop11 2014)

主讲人:Prof. Milon Potmesil 机构:Palacky University

时长:0:14:14 年代:2014年