Bio-inspired locomotion and control-A long march towards demanding applications(2)

2014年国际机器人焊接、智能化与自动化会议(RWIA'2014)暨第十届中国机器人焊接会议(CCRW'2014)——Robrts have successfully replaced humans in a variety of applications,mostly for repetitive and predicatable tasks.Current robotics technologies have many deficiencies in terms of lifting-to-weight,manoeuvrability,perception,situational awareness,resoning,learning.Scientific and engineering breakthroughs have to come in robot's journey towards autonomous operation in natural environments.

关键词: 仿生运动 自动化 焊接技术 航空制造业

主讲人:Prof. Xiaoqi Chen 机构:Department of Mechanical Engineering,University of Canterbury

时长:0:18:12 年代:2014年