Research and Development of Arc Welding Processes for Welding Automation in Japan(2)

2014年国际机器人焊接、智能化与自动化会议(RWIA'2014)暨第十届中国机器人焊接会议(CCRW'2014)——Global and domestic competition related with welding and metal construction field is getting severe in Asia region.Low cost production with high weld quality is strongly demanded.Research and development of high productivity welding and fully mechanized/robotic welding have been conducted these years.

关键词: 日本 弧焊焊接 焊接自动化 金属转移 2014年国际机器人焊接、智能化与自动化会议(RWIA'2014)暨第十届中国机器人焊接会议(CCRW'2014)

主讲人:Prof. Yoshinori HIRATA 机构:Osaka University

时长:0:12:44 年代:2014年