Biocatalytic Performances of Graphene Oxide and Graphene Quantum Dots(1)

2014中国国际石墨烯创新大会(Grap-China 2014)——Graphene quantum dots (GQDs), the graphene sheets with lateral dimensions less than 100 nm, maintain the intrinsic layered structural motif of graphene, but with smaller lateral size and abundant periphery carboxylic groups. Thus, the GQDs assume unique properties differing from the graphene sheets with micrometer lateral sizes, and hold more applications. In the work, we will describe the preparation of GQDS in mass scale through a photo-Fenton reaction of graphene oxide and the applications of GQDs. Specifically, a novel DNA cleavage system constructed using as-prepared GQDs will be reported. Additionally, due to the high peroxidase-like activity and small lateral size of GQDs, the covalently assembled GQDs/Au electrodes and their catalytic performance and stability in H2O2 detection will be discussed.

关键词: 氧化石墨烯 石墨烯量子点 生物催化 Fenton反应 2014中国国际石墨烯创新大会(Grap-China 2014)

主讲人:Prof. Shouwu Guo 机构:Shanghai Jiao Tong University

时长:0:17:27 年代:2014年