From Recent research on Video Surveillance to Super-Resolution Videos(1)

2014 IEEE International Conference on Signal Processing, Communications and Computing (ICSPCC 2014)——We always use our video surveillance system as one of the major kernels for signal processing research,since it require a large number of modern and hi-tech components.These include video coding,scene recording,object recognition,object tracking,etc.In this talk we will start with highlighting some of our consultancy works on video surveillance,which reveals the emerging need for further development of video technologies.We will then introduce our recent research works on inter and intra-frame video coding,which include information reuse techniques for motion estimation,and novel mode skipping and direction difference measures for fast intra-frame coding and video re-encoding applications.Our strategy on research relating academic and industrial research will then be discusses.Moving towards high-resolution videos is certainly a trend,which makes image interpolation and super-resolution video become an important topic.We will highlight our recent work on using DCT techniques for fast and quality video interpolation and conclude the talk with our recent project on video aided touring wiyh connected cameras via internet.This forms a big data problem and an example of Internet of Things study.Fruitful deminstrations and illustrations will be included,and the presentation will end with brief ideas on new trens and future.

关键词: 超分辨率视频 视频监控 视频编码 物联网 The 2014 IEEE International Conference on Signal Processing, Communications and Computing (ICSPCC 2

主讲人:IEEE FELLOW Wan-Chi Siu 机构:Department of Electronic and Information on Engineering, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

时长:0:20:52 年代:2014年