Mixed Oxides of Calcium and Zinc as Heterogeneous Catalyst in Biodiesel Production from Refined Palm Oil(1)

The 6th ENGII Conference(Workshop6 2014)——Due to the additional cost and environmental problems derived from the homogeneous catalyst re-moval in the traditional biodiesel production process, the research with heterogeneous catalysts to transesterification reaction had been increasing in the last years, and the calcium oxide had been the most promising catalyst because its high yields in the process and it low cost. The main disad-vantage of this compound is its high lixiviation in reaction media, for this reason some researcher had found the way of support this oxide through the use of zinc oxide.

关键词: 棕榈油 混合氧化物 非均相催化剂 生物柴油制取技术

主讲人:A.P. Carlos Alberto Guerrero 机构:National University of Colombia

时长:0:12:23 年代:2014年