Viscosity of kimberlite and basaltic magmas at the origin, ascent and eruption

The 6th ENGII Conference(Workshop6 2014)——Diamonds carrier kimberlite magmas will ascend from mantle to the crust with the essential acceleration. Viscosity of kimberlite magmas will decrease by about 1.5 orders of magnitude during their evolution and the ascent from mantle to the crust in spite of considerable decreasing of the magmas temperature (about 300℃), magmas partly degassing and crystallization during such processes.

关键词: 金伯利岩 玄武岩 岩浆粘度 火山爆发

主讲人:Prof. Eduard Persikov 机构:Institute of Experimental Mineralogy RAS

时长:0:15:12 年代:2014年