Complex systems and emergence: How theory meets reality(3)

2014 Spring World Congress on Engineering and Technology (SCET 2014)——Emergent behaviors of complex systems have fascinated mankind for aeons. It is only in recent decades that extensive efforts have been made to quantitatively study them, resulting in important theories and tools such as chaos theory, random fractal theory, and multiscal analyses. This talk aims to convey the best practices in this vast field, emphasizing theory meets reality. As illustrative examples, cyber-security, financial crises, river flow dynamics, and world-wide political conflicts will be briefly discussed. Important future research directions will also be outlined.

关键词: 混沌理论 随机分形理论 多尺度分析 网络安全 金融危机 复杂系统

主讲人:Prof. Jianbo Gao 机构:Wright State University, USA

时长:0:16:06 年代:2014年