Continuous catalytic conversion of water soluble oligomers into valuable chemicals: A spet closer towards industrial application

第二届国际生物质催化炼制大会(CATBIOR 2013)——This talk discusses mechanical depolymerization of acidulated cellulose. Effect of acid strength on solubility of cellulose. Change in solubility and degree of polymerization with acidulation and milling. SEM-EDS of cellulose impregnated with sulphuric acid.

关键词: 酸化纤维素 纤维素 SEM-EDS 水溶性低聚物 第二届国际生物质催化炼制大会(CATBIOR 2013)

主讲人:Jorge Beltramini 机构:University of Queensland, Australia

时长:0:22:23 年代:2013年