Error calibration of three axis magnetometer based on Global Artificial Fish Swarm Algorithm

IEEE TENCON 2013——The Global Artificial Fish Swarm Algorithm (GAFSA) is proposed to calibrate the three-axis magnetometer, taking account of both internal sensor errors and external magnetic field interferences in this paper. A series of simulations and field experiments have been done and the results demonstrate that GAFSA-based calibration method can significantly improve the measurement accuracy of three-axis magnetometer. It also has better robustness and needs less priori knowledge compared to the Particle Swarm Optimization algorithm (PSO) and Nonlinear Least Squares method (NLS).

关键词: 三轴磁力计 粒子群优化算法 非线性最小二乘法 人工鱼群算法

主讲人:Gong Xiaowen 机构:College of Information Engineering & Automation Xi’an University of Technology

时长:0:14:38 年代:2013年