Time Delay Estimation Using Scatter Search Algorithm for Underwater Acoustic Channel

IEEE TENCON 2013——To overcome the shortcoming of low resolution of the matched filtering method when estimating time delays, the WRELAX algorithm of the Nonlinear Least-Squares (NLS) parameters estimation problem is commonly used. However, the computing time of the WRELAX algorithm is long. In this talk, the Scatter Search (SS)-based WRELAX algorithm is applied in underwater acoustical channel computation. Multipath time delay estimation of a CW signal is calculated in Gaussian white noise channel with three SNR conditions of 20dB, 10dB, and 0dB. Simulation results show that the SS-based WRELAX algorithm reaches a higher resolution than the conventional matched filtering method. Moreover, the SS algorithm can reduce the iteration number a lot comparing with the Gauss-Newton algorithm in the process of searching the minimum objective function value.

关键词: 水声信道 分散搜索算法 非线性最小二乘法

主讲人:Zhang Chan 机构:Northwestern Polytechnical University

时长:0:08:44 年代:2013年