Experiences of governments/JICA/Tottori-University tripartite cooperation in capacity development on dry land agricultural technologies

第十一届国际旱地发展会议——Dry land agriculture faces multi-faceted challenges including scares water resources for crop and livestock production,attendant risks of land degradation, and socio-economic instabilities. The governments of countries with sizable dry land areas have been struggling to cope with adverse effects of inappropriate irrigation practices while supporting livelihoods of the people. In this fight, international cooperation has always been a part of it, and human resource development and institutional capacity building as to improved technologies have been central to it.

关键词: 旱地农业技术 土地退化 社会经济 灌溉措施 国际合作

主讲人:Hajime Nabeta 机构:Tottori University

时长:0:21:16 年代:2013年