Can no-till cropping alleviate water and heat stress?

第十一届国际旱地发展会议——Surface residue improved near soil surface moisture in the early growing season and reduced near-surface soil temperature over the entire season.The improved near-surface soil environment increased total root length at the 0-50cm soil depth for wheat and canola,but not for dry pea.Under the heavy residue treatment all the crops were taller than those under the no residue treatment.Grain and straw yield were increased for all crops,but were only significant for straw in canola.This study supported the hypothesisi that a no-till cropping system could improve plant performance in this area under the current and future climates.

关键词: 免耕种植 气温 农作物 第十一届国际旱地发展会议

主讲人:Professor Hong Wang

时长:0:20:26 年代:2013年