Why we need new framework to enable supply chain management adopt the new turbulence world dynamic business environment

2013年第四届工程和商业管理国际学术会议(EBM2013)——Modern organizations operate in a continuously changing environment influenced by economic,political,consumer behaviour and technological developments. (Stephen,J.New.1995) state that the needs for a robust conceptual framework for supply chain management.(Charu,C.J,Grabis.2007).Discussed the needs for configuration the supply chain management,general issues and problems with configure system,also describe what is reconfigurable supply chains their need and advantages.

关键词: 供应链管理 商业环境 消费行为 配置系统 2013年第四届工程和商业管理国际学术会议

主讲人:Zhi Li 机构:University of the West of Scotland

时长:0:25:26 年代:2013年