The Efficiency Evaluation of Railway in Jiangsu Based on the Socio-economic Impacts

2013年第四届工程和商业管理国际学术会议(EBM2013)——With a large number of high-speed railways being built,the structure of the railway has great changes,and so that the method of efficiency assessment of railway needs to be changed. In this paper,based on the socio-economic impacts,horizontal-DEA model and time-series-DEA models of the railway efficiency are built to generalize the empirical study of the efficiency of Jiangsu railway. Through the analysis on the socio-economic impacts of the Jiangsu railway in two aspects,the internal mechanism of the relationship berween Railway and socio-economic activities could be obtained. Finally, according to the results of efficiency analysis,combined with the situation of Jiangsu. Opinions and suggestions have been proposed for the development of Jiangsu Railway adn economic.

关键词: 高速铁路 铁路效率评估 经济 2013年第四届工程和商业管理国际学术会议

主讲人:赵云 机构:北京交通大学

时长:0:09:54 年代:2013年