Modifications of Ti-based Photocatalysts and Applicationin C02 Photoreduction for the Selective Generation of CH4 (1)

第十届国际(中国)功能材料及其应用学术会议&第六届国际多功能材料与结构学术大会&首届国际新材料前沿发展大会介绍了——1 . Background, 2 . Main Contents : How to promote reaction kineties, How to promote reaction thermodynamies, How to reveal the active sites, 3 . Summary, 4 . Acknowledgement.

关键词: kineties;thermodynamies;active sites

主讲人:Prof. Mingyang Xing 机构:East China University of Science and Technolgy

时长:0:11:07 年代:2019年