Development and Investigation of High Performance Polymer Nanocomposites via High Energy Electrons(1)

第十届国际(中国)功能材料及其应用学术会议&第六届国际多功能材料与结构学术大会&首届国际新材料前沿发展大会介绍了——The dispersion of layered nanoclay can be improved by electron beam treatment. The high shear forces occurring in the twin screw extruder will disrupt the nonoclay platelets even more and may result in complete exfoliation of nonoclay in PP during EIReP. The combining nanotechnology and electron beam cross-linking is a promising new method of improving the thermal stability , flame retardant and mechanical properties of polymer composites .

关键词: electron beam;twin screw;nanotechnology

主讲人:Prof. Dan Xiao 机构:Fujian Institute of Engineering

时长:0:09:57 年代:2019年