Current Research on Cellulose Nanocrystals (CNC) as Reinforcing Materials in Bio-Nanocomposites (2)

第十届国际(中国)功能材料及其应用学术会议&第六届国际多功能材料与结构学术大会&首届国际新材料前沿发展大会介绍了——Cellulose nanocrystals ( CNC ) from rice husks had been successfully isolated using acid hydrolysis method. Thermal properties of hydrogel increased with the increase of CNC content. Hydrogel achieved maximum swelling at PH 3 and 37°C. Gelatin hydrogels especially at low CNC loadings is effectively used as drug carrier.

关键词: nanocrystals;Hydrogel;drug carrier 第十届国际(中国)功能材料及其应用学术会议&第六届国际多功能材料与结构学术大会&首届国际新材料前沿发展大会

主讲人:Prof. Ishak Ahmad 机构:Universiti kebangsaan Malaysia

时长:0:12:06 年代:2019年