Machine Intelligence for Robotics and Automation(1)

2017年(第三届)中国·苏州国际机器人与智能装备大会——Machine intelligence and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are concerned with developing software as well as machines that have the capability to learn and to simulate humans’ intelligence. Enterprises from wide range of industries employ AI technologies to get insights and discover patterns from large pools of data so they can provide better services to their customers. Similarly, factories utilize smart machines and robots to automate and optimize the manufacturing process, which yields better products for their consumers. Advancements in the intelligent computing capabilities have significant impact on how businesses can streamline their processes. The current state of machine intelligence as well as its applications in different types of industries will be discussed in this chapter.

关键词: Machine Robotics Automation 2017年(第三届)中国·苏州国际机器人与智能装备大会

主讲人:Prof. Danwei Wang 机构:Nanyang Technological University

时长:0:17:48 年代:2017年