Absorption and Mass Transfer of CO2 in Monoethanolamine Solution(1)

2016 Spring World Congress on Engineering and Technology (SCET 2016)——This work uses a continuous bubble-column scrubber for the absorption of CO2 with a 5M MEA solution under a constant pH environment to explore the effect of the pH of the solution and gas-flow rate (Qg) on the removal efficiency (E), absorption rate (RA), overall mass-transfer coefficient (KGa), liquid flow rate (QL), gas-liquid flow ratio (γ), and scrubbing factors (φ).

关键词: bubble-column scrubber;absorption;mass-transfer coefficient

主讲人:Prof. PaoChi Chen 机构:Lunghwa university of science and technology, Taiwan, China

时长:0:14:28 年代:2016年