Auto-tuning Model predictive control of Micro Gas Turbine Combined Cooling Heating and Power systems

The 8th Asia-Pacific Power and Energy Engineering Conference(APPEEC 2016)——To overcome the control difficulties of micro gas turbine combined cooling, heating and power (MGT-CCHP) system, such as immeasurable disturbances, strong coupling among multi-variables and large-inertial behavior, an off-set free model predictive control (MPC) strategy based on incremental state space model is proposed in this paper, and a novel auto-tuning method to obtain output suppression factors of the MPC controller is presented.

关键词: auto-tuning model;micro gas turbine;cooling heating;power system The 8th Asia-Pacific Power and Energy Engineering Confe

主讲人:Bachelor X.F. Liang 机构:Southeast University

时长:0:04:29 年代:2016年