The Biocompatibility of Gradient Composite Bioceramic Coating with Different Content of La2O3 Fabricated by Wide Band Laser Cladding(2)

第二届海峡两岸功能材料科技与产业峰会(2015)——In this study, microstructure and biocompatibility of gradient bioceramic composite coating fabricated by Wide-Band Laser Cladding is investigated. The experimental results indicate that the coating consists of an alloyed transition layer and the bioceramic coating.

关键词: bioactivity;biocompatibility;gradient bioceramic composite coating;Wide-Band Laser Cladding 第二届海峡两岸功能材料科技与产业峰会(2015)

主讲人:Prof. Liu Qi-bin 机构:Guizhou University

时长:0:11:31 年代:2015年