In-situ Fabrication of Metal Nanowire Networks with High Transmittance from Deep Ultraviolet Near Infrared(1)

第二届海峡两岸功能材料科技与产业峰会(2015)——Facile and compatible method to in-situ fabricate uniform metal nanowire networks on substrates was developed. Theoretical and experimental analysis indicated that we can improve the conductivity of the metal network and keep their transmittance by increasing the thickness of the metal film. Durability tests were also carried out to demonstrate the as-fabricated metal networks having high flexibility and strong adhesion.

关键词: metal nanowire networks;transmittance;SEM image 第二届海峡两岸功能材料科技与产业峰会(2015)

主讲人:Prof. Tao Yu 机构:Nanjing University

时长:0:13:22 年代:2015年