Revisiting to the hardening precipitates in high-strength aluminum alloys by state-of-the-art atomic-resolution electron microscopy(2)

第二届海峡两岸功能材料科技与产业峰会(2015)——Using two state-of-the-art atomic-resolution imaging techniques in electron microscopy in association with quantitative image simulations, we have determined and clarified all the unknown precipitate structures. It is demonstrated that atomic-resolution imaging can directly suggest approximate structure models, whereas quantitative image analysis can refine the structure details that are much smaller than the resolution of the microscope.

关键词: high-strength aluminum alloy;electron microscopy;atomic-resolution imaging technique 第二届海峡两岸功能材料科技与产业峰会(2015)

主讲人:Prof. J.H. Chen 机构:Hunan University

时长:0:13:54 年代:2015年